PVI Industries...

...an industrial group with a focus on high quality sheet metal and tube forming components.

with focus on:

• Customer benefits • Profitable growth
• Long-term ownership • Entrepreneurship

The way we work

  • As entrepreneurs we possess the power to take action, creating profitable growth.
  • Being of smaller scale, in a positive sense, we can easily and quickly facilitates commitment, development and control.
  • Through entrepreneurship we have the ability to focus on the customer and the market, to deliver the best optimal solution.
  • Innovative processes and design created in collaboration with the customer.
  • By implementing efficient working and production methodologies we drive effectivity and continuous development.
  • Effectivity also means fast and professional handling of inquiries, deliveries and service issues.
  • Achieving effectivity demands commitment, a positive environment, clear routines that are understood and followed by all, together with clear and continuous communication.
  • We strive that customers and other stakeholders have a sense of assurance that the Group is strong and will be in the market for many years to come.
  • A long-term perspective means that no quick fixes and careless handling are to be accepted.
  • Combining patience, high quality and reliability with a focus on cost control, we set the cornerstones for a strong business concept.
  • A long-term approach means continuous investment in both employees and production.