Press release: PVI Industries acquires Laserkraft

PVI Industries ( has acquired Laserkraft Bredaryd AB ( from Lasersvit AB. Laserkraft will be part of the subgroup PVI Tube Forming and according to the agreement, all shares in Laserkraft Bredaryd AB will be acquired by PVI Tube Forming AB, a subsidiary of PVI Industries.

The company consists of Laserkraft in Bredaryd and Eurosvit in Slovakia, which together constitute a complete sub supplier within the industry of processed sheet metal with almost 30 years of experience and approx. 150 employees. The companies offer their customers laser cutting, edge pressing, welding, surface treatment and assembly as well as various support functions. They produce both complex articles which require many operations as well as simpler articles with fewer operations. Laserkraft in Bredaryd has recently invested in a powerful 30 kW fiberlaser, the first on the Swedish market. With the new machine, the company can laser cut goods up to 25 mm in thickness with outstanding precision and this will open up for new business opportunities within the heavier industrial segment.

"Laserkraft has deep competence in the sheet metal processing industry and complements the other companies within our group. We see several potential synergies between Laserkraft and our other companies and we are looking forward to have Laserkraft as part of our group. We also look forward to the growth potential that the investment in the new 30 kW laser implies, the new laser will be able to contribute to even greater customer value both in existing and new collaborations." says Anders Thålin, CEO of PVI Tube Forming within PVI Industries.

"Laserkraft has a wide customer portfolio, successful collaborations and is characterised by high reliability, long-term collaborations and high customer value. The company has a strong position and reputation on the market both in Sweden and in Slovakia. I look forward to following Laserkraft's success as part of the team and continue to develop a competitive company." says Per Vannesjö, owner of PVI Industries.

"Both Laserkraft and Eurosvit are in the stage of strong expansion. With PVI as the new owner, I believe we have found an industrial owner who can support the companies and to help elevate them. After 12 years as owner, it feels great to be able to hand over to a new owner with deep industrial knowledge and a long-term perspective." says Lars Olofsson, owner of Lasersvit AB.

PVI Industries is an industrial company group based in Västerås with a turnover of approx. SEK 1.5 billion and 680 employees.

PerVannesjö, the owner of PVI Industries, is also, together with his family, the main owner of two similar industrial groups, Inducore AB ( and AnVa Industries AB ( Including these groups, the total turnover is approx. SEK 4.5 billion and the total number of employees is approx. 2200.

Contact persons:

Per Vannesjö, owner of PVI Industries, Mob: 070-572 28 14



Greger Kling, CEO PVI Industries, Mob: 070-590 16 46



Anders Thålin, CEO PVI Tube Forming, Mob: 070-651 76 11



Lars Olofsson, owner of Lasersvit AB, Mob: 070-537 48 01


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Press release: PVI Industries acquires Laserkraft

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